The Island Review
“The Skin Is An Island”
“A Call To War”

Into The Void
“Our Bodies And The Sea”
“Diplomatic Immunity”

Angel House Press (National Poetry Month)
“A Stone Goes Into Water Not Drown In It”

“Home That Would Not Let Us Stay” “A Caricature”

Anti-Heroin Chic
“Election Night”
“See Mississippi With Folded Arms”
“Some People Think Death Is Only For The Poor”
“A Continent In____Exile”
“Even A Love Story Has Reverse Gear

Burning House Press
“Arrival As A Form Of Departure”
“From Where I Fall”

Frontier Poetry
“Ila Sisi, Ila sisi”

Kissing Dynamite

Empty Mirror
“If The Monster Looked Like Us”
 “Words That Make Us Into Beasts”

The Puritan
“How We Murdered Sleep”
“A Dirge For Yesterday”

The Temz Review
“He Said I Can’t Breathe”
“What Is Difficult To Explain Is Not Difficult To Explain”

“Broken Ghazal For Afrika”

Dissident Voice
“This Too Would Pass”
“The Making Of A New God”

The Nottingham Review
“A Pang Of Specter”

The Pangolin Review
Upon The Blue Nile
“Because My Body Was Never Mine”

Poetry Quarterly
“The Preacher”

The Indianapolis Review
“Because Of Sex”
“In The Beginning We Know”

“The Earth Would No Longer Weep”
“How We Invented Therapy”

Rising Phoenix Review
“Ghost Of Apartheid Visits Us Again”
“Home That Would Not Let Us Stay”

Mobius: The Journal of Social Change

Writers Resist
“An Old Dog Never Barks At Gunmen”

League of Canadian Poets (Poetry Month 2013)
Remembrance Day

Poetry Pacific
“Days of Doom”

Drunk Monkeys
“When Would Our Sky Be Blue”

CBC Poetry Contest(Finalist)
“The Autobiography Of Water”

Dwarts Magazine
“Talking About Cremation”
“A Metaphor For Darkness”

Glass: A Journal Of Poetry
“A Pattern Too Familiar”
“At The Border” “Dictionary of Impeachment

Silver Pinion
Rebranding Democracy

In Print Journals

Into The Void
“Our Bodies And The Sea”
“Diplomatic Immunity”

FlyPaper Magazine
“Because The Body Knows What It Knows”

Canadian Literature
“Religion Is A Complete Sentence”

Writers Resist Anthology
“An Old Dog Never Barks At Gunmen”

Literary Review Of Canada
“The Language Hard To Master”

Sierra Nevada Review
“Man In Theory”

St. Peter’s College Annual Anthology (The Society) Vol. 10
“Dirge For The Newly Born”


“Skeleton of a Ruined Song” IceFloe Press